Zhongding Europe is part of Zhongding Group

Zhongding Group was founded in Ningguo, China in 1980. Since then, we have grown into a successful multinational organization headquartered in the Anhui Province, with thirty subsidiaries in China alone and ten more worldwide. All of our distinguished brands focus primarily on industrial and automotive parts production. As a leader in our industry, Zhongding Group is ranked number one in China for non-tire rubber companies, and is eighteenth in global non-tire rubber products manufacturers. We are also proud to be an industry leader for China’s prospering auto industry.

We have a broad business scope that includes a wide range of industries – from rubber and plastic products manufacturing to machinery and mold manufacturing, automotive tools, information technology, environmental protection materials, eco-friendly engines and various high-quality industrial products. Some of Zhongding Group’s key products include our notable “Dinghu” brand rubber seals and special rubber products, which are widely used and trusted in the automotive, construction machinery, petrochemical processing, office automation, railway, and shipping industries.

Thanks to decades of development and dedication, Zhongding Group has distinguished itself among global non-tire rubber companies to become the top choice for industrial customers. Innovation drives development. This culture is crucial for future advancement, and we will vigorously carry forward in our mission of “making industrious efforts toward breakthrough innovation”. Zhongding Group continues to challenge engineering capabilities and consistently improve industrial manufacturing capabilities to progress the enterprise and achieve our vision: “Intelligently made by Zhongding, well renowned worldwide.”


First time ranked in the "Global Non-Tire Rubber Products Manufacturer Top 20".


Achieved global revenue of 10.75 billion RMB (1.66 billion dollars), successfully exceed the target of 10 Billion (1.53 billion dollars).


First time ranked in the "Global Non-Tire Rubber Products Manufacturer Top 50” from China's Rubber Seal Industry.


Founded its first subsidiary company in Germany.


Issued shares in China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Was the first public company from China's Rubber Seal Industry.


Founded its first abroad subsidiary company Zhongding USA INC in Detroit in the United States of America.


Zhongding invested and constructed its industrial park in Ningguo Economic and Development Zone.


Ningguo Seal Factory completed its ownership restructure to Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.


Ningguo Seal Factory was established in Zhongxi town, Ningguo city, Anhui Province, China.